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CREATE Be creative, make your own poster

Ever wondered how you, awesome as you are, would fare in place of your favorite actor on the poster of the newest hit movie? Have a great idea for the big blockbuster and want to see how it would look on a movie poster? Now, with the Movie Poster Maker, these dreams can be your reality.

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About Your poster, your story

This app lets you either design your own movie poster or work off of a parody of an existing movie. You can add text such as: release date, actors names, and movie title. The text can then be manipulated by changing its size and location on the movie poster.

HOW TO Simple and easy

  1. Choose template Select a template from new one to a parody of an existing movie
  2. Set Photos Select a photo from your gallery or a new one from the camera
  3. Save If the texts please you, your poster is ready.
  4. Montage A photo montage can be done to put it into real location

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